Black History Month Child Development Crowdfund

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By National Black Child Development Institute
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Join us in honoring Black History Month by supporting the National Black Child Development Institute’s crucial work. NBCDI has been a beacon of hope and change for Black children and families, focusing on creating safe, affirming, and healthy environments where Black children can grow and thrive. Your donation to the “Black History Month Child Development Crowdfund” will directly support programs and initiatives that celebrate and nurture the innate strengths and potential of Black children, from ensuring access to healthy foods and clean water to providing educational materials that reflect their heritage and possibilities.

This campaign is dedicated to supporting the National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) in their mission to improve the quality of life for Black children and families. In celebration of Black History Month, this campaign focuses on mobilizing resources to directly impact Black children’s health, safety, and well-being, aligning with NBCDI’s vision of a world where every Black child thrives.

Campaign Goals

  • Immediate Health and Safety: Provide direct support to initiatives that ensure the immediate health and safety of Black children, from safe play spaces to access to clean air and water.
  • Educational and Developmental Resources: Fund the distribution of books, toys, and digital resources that reflect the rich history and potential of Black children, empowering them through education and play.
  • Community and Family Support: Strengthen community programs that support the well-being of Black families, offering resources and advocacy to foster a nurturing environment for child development.

Marketing and Engagement

  • Social Media Campaign: Leverage hashtags and storytelling to highlight the campaign’s impact and the stories of children and families who benefit.
  • Community Engagement: Partner with local businesses, schools, and community leaders to promote the campaign and organize fundraising events.
  • Donor Recognition: Celebrate contributions through regular updates, featuring donors in newsletters and on social media, emphasizing the collective effort to support Black child development.

Join us in making a difference this Black History Month by contributing to a cause that uplifts and supports the potential of every Black child. Your donation to the NBCDI through the “Black History Month Child Development Crowdfund” will leave a lasting impact on countless lives, honoring the legacy and future of Black children and families.

Donor Tiers

  • $250 Donation: “Community Safety Starter Pack”
    • Your generous donation will fund essential safety equipment and programs for a local community center, creating a secure environment where Black children can play and learn. In recognition of your support, you’ll receive a personalized thank-you video from the children and families benefiting from your contribution.
  • $650 Donation: “Healthy Beginnings Bundle”
    • This donation provides vital health check-ups and nutritional support for newborns and toddlers, ensuring they have a healthy start in life. Donors at this level will be acknowledged on the NBCDI website and receive a special edition book collection featuring stories of Black heroes and heroines for children.
  • $1,300 Donation: “Educational Empowerment Kit”
    • Empower Black children’s education with resources that affirm and expand their potential. This donation supports the acquisition of culturally relevant books, toys, and access to safe internet resources for an entire classroom. As a token of gratitude, donors will be invited to a virtual meet-and-greet with NBCDI leaders and receive a plaque recognizing their significant impact.


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Raymond McCarthy $1,500.00 February 23, 2024 11:30 pm
Tori Michelle Lee $650.00 February 23, 2024 9:17 pm
Jeandy Rizal $1,300.00 February 23, 2024 9:14 pm
Allison Beckett $50.00 February 23, 2024 9:12 pm
Andre Greene $250.00 February 23, 2024 3:02 am