Support Ireland: A United Response to Tragedy and Dishonest Media

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By Callen Doherty
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The recent horrific incident at a Dublin school has left our nation in shock and grief. In the wake of this tragedy, our community’s protest against such senseless violence was met with further misrepresentation and unjust actions fueled by a manipulative media apparatus. Now, more than ever, ‘Ireland’s Voice’ seeks to channel our collective rage and sorrow into constructive action. This campaign is not just about countering misinformation; it’s about creating a platform for healing, truth, and justice. Our goals are threefold: to support the families affected by the tragedy, legal aid for wrongfully arrested protestors, and to employ an array of social media efforts to magnify our message: Ireland’s true voice. 

In the wake of such sorrow, we’ve witnessed a turmoil that only added to our woes: the media’s response. The media’s response has called you and all of us “far-right”, “hateful”, and “extremists”, twisting our true voice on the matter and manipulating the masses at large. Ireland’s voice is not extremist or hateful — it’s united in grief but resilient in pursuit of truth and justice. This fundraiser is our collective step towards mending what’s been broken and correcting the course of our narrative.

Now, here’s the heart of the matter – transparency. This campaign is proudly verified on It means every donation is accounted for. Under the ‘Spending’ tab, you’ll soon find a detailed account of every euro spent – from receipts to bank statements. We believe in honesty and accountability, just as much as we believe in our cause.

We’ve set our sights on raising between €500,000 and €1,300,000. These funds are earmarked for supporting the families affected by the tragedy, ensuring the truth prevails in our media, and providing legal aid to those unjustly accused in the protests.

So, I ask you to stand with us. Your contribution, large or small, is a powerful statement of solidarity and hope. Together, let’s heal our land and fortify the pillars of truth and justice in our society.

Spending of Funds:

  • Supporting families affected by the school tragedy.
  • Funding responsible, independent media reporting.
  • Legal aid for wrongfully arrested protestors.
  • Social media strategy to combat misinformation.
  • Community healing and educational initiatives.

In the heart of Ireland, a movement is brewing by the very soul of the nation — its people. This campaign, ‘Ireland’s Voice,’ is our response to the pressing need for truth and accountability. We’re raising funds to combat misinformation through grassroots efforts and a strategic social media campaign.
Your donations will not only foster a well-informed public but also fund our social media efforts, where strategies are crafted, performance is analyzed, and every dollar’s impact is maximized. This is more than a fundraiser; it’s a call to unite, to empower, and to resonate the voice of truth across Ireland and beyond. Join us, contribute, and be part of this pivotal moment in shaping our nation’s narrative.

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