Save Misterkel Radio: Protect Our Right to Broadcast

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By Kelly Jean Baptiste
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For the past five years, we at Misterkel Radio have been privileged to be your source of surrealist entertainment and information. With every broadcast, we’ve strived to bring you the most unique content on the air, reaching you wherever you may be. Recently, our popularity in the entertainment scene surged in a way that hasn’t been done in years: going viral through the art of local radio. Our unique surrealist broadcast has made a big splash by capturing the curiosity of local listeners that hasn’t been seen in years, reviving the largely forgotten art of radio with a completely new artistic voice.

However, our right to broadcast is now under threat, suddenly halting our momentum. That’s why we are humbly asking for your support in our mission to protect our presence on the FM airwaves.

Several of the big name radio equipment companies now force us to obey stringent restrictions in order to take advantage of their affordability. This of course causes a massive problem for an up-and-coming broadcast like ours without the financial resources to platform ourselves with a new transmitter. Agreeing to their restrictive terms would compromise our content and prevent us from delivering our surrealistic entertainment with the creative freedom that captivates our listeners like never nothing else on the air.

With your help, we can protect our right to broadcast our one-of-a-kind entertainment. Your donations will go directly to covering our most significant cost, a new transmitter, which serves as the heart of our station. Having proper transmission enables us to bring our programs to your radios every day. Without it, our voice through the airwaves becomes silent.

To save Misterkel Radio and protect our right to broadcast, we are reaching out to our dedicated listeners, as well as anyone who supports the freedom of artistic expression. Your support would enable us to purchase the necessary equipment and continue providing the service that listeners have come to know and love from Misterkel Radio.

We understand that times are challenging, and every contribution, regardless of its size, would make such an impact for our cause. If you’re able, we’d be grateful for your support in ensuring Misterkel Radio’s continued operation on the FM band.

If you donate and hit the “share” button to spread the word, you make the an important impact and become the reason for the success of this cause.

Thank you for being here and supporting however you can. With your help, we can make this happen.

With eager hope and appreciation,
The Misterkel Radio Team

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