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Crowdfund.org uses flexible funding, allowing fundraisers to withdraw their funds even if they reach don't reach their goal. These stories show fundraiser success even without full funding.

The tragic loss of Jessica, following complications in childbirth, left a heart-wrenching void in the lives of her young family in Turkey. Faced with this unimaginable grief, the community rallied to support her husband, Baris, and their two children. Their heartfelt campaign on Crowdfund.org resonated with many and rallied support internationally, raising thousands in funding to support her surviving family. In the face of such profound sorrow, the overwhelming support symbolized the collective embrace of a community, ensuring that Jessica's memory and love continue to guide her family's journey.

Miss Kitty, beloved lunch lady for her local middle and high schools, found herself facing a daunting health crisis, with diminishing vision and a challenging diagnosis. As news of her struggles spread, the community she had served for years stepped up in a remarkable way. Through Crowdfund.org, thousands of dollars were raised to support Miss Kitty and her five young children during this trying period. Their show of support wasn't just about the funds; it was a testament to the indomitable spirit of a community rallying behind one of its own, supporting her most during her toughest times.

Dancan Stanley's vision of a food forest in Homa bay, Kenya, resonated deeply with many who recognized the urgency of addressing food insecurity. Inspired by his dedication to community welfare and the potential for positive change, supporters flocked to Crowdfund.org. Although the campaign didn't reach its ultimate target, it successfully amassed substantial funds. These resources, in turn, allowed key components of the "Jayquat organic farming project" to take root.

The sudden loss of Brendan Brown, a selfless individual who touched many with his kindness, sent ripples of sorrow through the community. While the heartache was profound, Brendan's legacy of generosity was mirrored when friends, family, and even strangers rallied on Crowdfund.org to help with the funeral costs. While the campaign may not have met its ultimate goal, it successfully raised a substantial amount, ensuring that the necessary expenses were met. Through this united effort, the community stood hand in hand, honoring Brendan's memory and the spirit of giving he exemplified in life.

Mabrie's call to embark on the J38 School of Discipleship was met with immense support from only a few individuals. As she set out to deepen her spiritual journey, reflecting the teachings of John 3:8, a few supporters rallied on Crowdfund.org. Their endeavor successfully raised funds to help cover Mabrie's tuition and associated expenses, ensuring she could wholeheartedly immerse herself in this transformative experience. Mabrie's discipleship journey became a testament to the power of faith and the goodwill of a small group willing to help.

The sudden loss of Curtis Proctor left hearts shattered, especially for his mother, Deanna, who faced the dual pain of grief and unexpected funeral expenses. Moved by their plight, friends and well-wishers turned to Crowdfund.org, with hopes of providing a fitting tribute to Curtis. Their heartfelt campaign resonated within their community, providing support where they could. Their collective effort turned shared grief into a united front of compassion and care.

The abrupt loss of Jay, a loving father and pillar for his five children, deeply moved the community. Jay's boundless love and dedication to his children's growth and well-being touched many, and when he passed suddenly, the challenge of providing for his children became palpable. Friends, family, and well-wishers united on Crowdfund.org, aiming not only to fund a fitting memorial but to ensure his children's immediate needs were met. Their campaign, fueled by shared memories and Jay's impactful legacy, family and friends offered support to help his children continue to flourish and grow, guided by the lessons and love of their departed father.

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