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After the heart-wrenching loss of Miranda, her family's plea for support on touched many. Detailing challenges and emphasizing the needs of their two young boys, they raised over $250,000. The outpouring from friends, family, and strangers was tremendous, with heartfelt messages and community-organized events amplifying their efforts. This campaign showcased the strength of community in the face of adversity, ensuring Miranda's impact lives on.

When the cheeky "ChadGPT" hit the crowdfunding scene, few could have predicted the wave it would create. Promising boyfriends an automated texting assistant, this quirky project became an instant hit, especially after a viral TikTok video sent it skyrocketing in popularity. The community, charmed by its tongue-in-cheek premise, rallied behind it, raising a staggering $282,530. In a world of high-tech solutions, ChadGPT proved that sometimes, a dash of humor and romance can capture the crowd.

When a tubing accident left Sebastian with a partial back break and fractured feet, his family faced mounting bills and uncertainties. A friend initiated a campaign on, resonating deeply with many. The overwhelming response not only raised thousands of dollars but also showed the strength of community support. Through these combined efforts, Seb and his family found hope and tangible assistance in their challenging times.

After facing college rejections, high school senior Ivan turned adversity into action. Seeking funds on to pursue independent cancer research in New York, his school, friends, and family became his main pillars of support. Inspired by his determination and mission, supporters rallied behind him, raising over $35,000. Ivan’s journey showcased that passion, combined with community backing, can transform setbacks into significant progress against formidable challenges.

Lorenzo had a vision: to serve the Bay Area with refreshing, organic tropical fruit from his mobile stand. But the high costs of organic produce posed a challenge. Turning to, he sought support to maintain affordability without compromising quality. The response was heartening. Friends, family, and local enthusiasts rallied, raising funds to bridge the price gap. Thanks to their backing, the streets of the Bay now enjoy a healthier, organic twist, as Lorenzo's dream stand flourishes, blending health and artistry in every serving.

Christmas Eve bore a heartbreaking loss when Maddie, a beacon of humor and warmth, was tragically taken in a car crash. Her jovial spirit, unforgettable laughter, and dedicated care for her Alzheimer-diagnosed father made her irreplaceable. Through, her community rallied, raising over $10,000 in funds to aid her family in the wake of medical and funeral expenses. Every contribution stood as a tribute to Maddie's memory, ensuring her legacy of love and commitment lived on.

Fresh from their triumph at the UCA camp, the St. John’s University Cheerleading team set their sights on the Nationals. The challenge? Funding the journey, from travel to gear. Turning to, they ignited a 24-hour fundraiser that they spread quickly to their community. Their spirited appeal rallied their support, raising thousands of dollars. Thanks to the overwhelming support, the team's dream of competing at Nationals, fully equipped and spirited, became a reality.

After emerging clean from years of struggling with addiction and a lack of housing, Arthur's plea for support in completing his recovery journey struck a chord with his community. Through their generous contributions, he successfully raised thousands to complete his new apartment set-up, giving him a fresh start. Every supporter played a role in this redemptive journey, echoing the powerful message that it's never too late for a new beginning. With the community's encouragement, Arthur is not just dreaming of a brighter tomorrow; he's living it today.

When Sarita's two cherished dogs, Mia and Trevor, fell victim to poisoning, her community rallied in their time of need. While the tragic loss of Mia left a void, hope remained for Trevor's recovery. Money was raised to help Trevor's medical treatments and ensure the best possible care. Each donation served as a testament to the power of community, reflecting love, support, and a united front against animals suffering and the heartbreak of it happening to someone's beloved pets. Through their crowdfunding support, they helped provide treatment when it was needed most.

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