Overcoming Odds: My Ascent to a More Mobile Tomorrow

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By Jacques Swanepoel
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Introduction: Hello, I’m Jacques Swanepoel. Today, I warmly invite you to be part of an extraordinary journey of resilience and transformation. My life, profoundly affected by a spinal condition, has been a narrative of courage and hope. Despite the challenges, I’ve learned to navigate life with determination. Now, I’m reaching out for your support to help me embrace greater health and independence. For those who prefer not to donate through the crowdfunding platform, you can directly contact the StemCure Clinic to contribute to my treatment costs. The details of the treatment and associated costs can be found on the attached Statement of Account.

My Story: Growing up, I enjoyed a childhood filled with the typical joys of running and playing, seemingly unencumbered by health issues. However, at the age of 12, a pivotal moment occurred. A spinal lipoma was discovered, necessitating surgery. Tragically, during the operation, my spinal cord was inadvertently damaged by the surgeon, drastically altering my life’s trajectory. This event led to a gradual loss of balance and mobility, profoundly impacting my adolescence.

Initially, I adapted to using crutches at 15, stubbornly clinging to a semblance of normalcy despite frequent falls. The constant risk of injury and the loving counsel of my family and friends eventually convinced me to transition to a wheelchair. This was a difficult emotional journey, marked by struggles against societal stigma and my personal reservations about using a wheelchair.

Adulthood and Persistence: As an adult, my life has been a testament to perseverance. I’ve pursued my dreams and aspirations with relentless passion, not allowing my physical condition to set the boundaries of my potential. The pursuit of greater autonomy and health has been my guiding star, leading me to explore various treatments and therapies for potential improvement.

The Diagnosis and Treatment: An MRI illuminated the specifics of my spinal condition, guiding me towards life-changing treatment options. The StemCure Clinic in Pretoria offers innovative therapies, including Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, low-intensity laser sessions, detoxification, and stem cell therapy, each addressing the complexities of my condition.

The Cost of Treatment and Additional Needs: This journey is more than medical; it’s a beacon of hope for a life less constrained. The R 103,000 cost covers advanced therapies, each a critical component in my treatment. Beyond medical interventions, a special diet, recommended by medical professionals, is essential to prepare my body for optimal response to these treatments.

Consistent transportation is also crucial for regular clinic visits. Ensuring I can attend every session without fail is key to the success of my treatment plan.

Seeking Your Support: I’m on a path towards a life of greater mobility and independence, but I can’t walk this path alone. The costs associated with my treatment and lifestyle adjustments are significant, and I humbly ask for your support in making this treatment a reality. Your contribution, big or small, is a step towards a more mobile and healthy life for me.

Gratitude and Hope: Your support represents more than financial aid; it’s a belief in a brighter, more independent future for me. I am immensely grateful for your consideration and any assistance you can provide.

Thank you for joining me in this critical chapter of my life.

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