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Why Use Crowdfund.org?

Here's why Crowdfund.org is the best platform to make your fundraiser a success:


On Crowdfund.org, donors can see how their money is spent.

Fundraisers simply verify their campaign by showing receipts. This enhanced level of trust encourages more donations, allowing fundraisers to gain more support for their campaign.


We understand the importance of a smooth and user-friendly experience. Crowdfund.org is designed to be intuitive for both fundraisers and donors, making it simple to create, share, and support campaigns. With the help of our intuitive user interface, we give fundraisers and donors an easy way to support the causes and projects they care about.


We take pride in fostering a community that connects fundraisers with donors who are passionate about supporting meaningful causes. Through features like Verification and our "How to Determine if a Fundraiser is Trustworthy" guide, we encourage informed decision-making and aim to promote a culture where generosity can be met with trust.


We understand that you might have questions or need guidance throughout your crowdfunding journey. That's why we've created a comprehensive Help Center with all the information you need. Here you'll find answers to specific questions, tutorials, and resources on various aspects of using Crowdfund.org, such as starting a fundraiser, donating, and more.


At Crowdfund.org, our support team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the fundraising process. Whether you have further questions about creating a campaign, verifying your fundraiser, making a donation, or resolving issues, our support team is always available to help. You can reach us at our Contact Page here.

Trust Brings Success.

Join us on our mission to make fundraising trustworthy and accountable. Whether you're a fundraiser or a donor, Crowdfund.org is here to help you make a positive impact you can trust.

Need Help? We're Here.

If you encounter any issues or have questions that aren't covered here, feel free to reach out us by contacting us here or find the answer to your questions at our Help Center below.