Determining if a Fundraiser is Trustworthy

Trustworthy Fundraisers

Trustworthy Donating with Crowdfund

At, we understand the importance of trust when it comes to making a donation. Our platform’s first priority is ensuring a safe and secure environment for both fundraisers and donors. Here are some key factors to consider when determining if a fundraiser is trustworthy:

1) Verified: See How They Spend

Fundraisers can demonstrate their trustworthiness to donors with verification. When a fundraiser is verified, donors can see where their money goes. Verified fundraisers demonstrate the legitimacy of their campaign and the use of funds by submitting documents such as receipts and other proofs of purchases. Verified campaigns are marked with a “Verified" badge and are featured when browsing or searching for fundraisers. Look for this when evaluating a fundraiser's trustworthiness. When viewing a verified fundraiser's campaign page, you can scroll down to the "Spending" tab to see exactly how funds are being spent. Click here for a visual guide.

2) Detailed Campaign Information

A trustworthy fundraiser should provide comprehensive information about their cause. This includes a clear explanation of the campaign's purpose, how the funds will be used, and the expected impact of the donations. Images, videos, and testimonials can also help demonstrate authenticity.

3) Regular Updates

Campaign organizers who actively share updates on their fundraiser's progress and developments are more likely to be genuine. Updates may include achievements, milestones, challenges, and the impact of donations on the cause.

4) Personal Connections

If the fundraiser organizer is someone you know personally or through a trusted connection, you may feel more confident in supporting their campaign. However, it's still essential to evaluate the fundraiser based on the other factors listed here.

5) Responsiveness

Trustworthy campaign organizers will typically be responsive to questions, comments, or concerns from potential donors. If you have any doubts, reach out to the organizer and gauge their level of engagement and transparency.

6) Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence can be an indicator of a genuine fundraiser. Check if the campaign is being shared and promoted on various platforms by the organizer, supporters, and relevant communities.

7) Research

Conduct your research on the cause, the organizer, and the organization (if applicable). Look for information online or contact the organizer directly to gather more details about the campaign.

Trust Brings Success.

Join us on our mission to make fundraising trustworthy and accountable. Whether you're a fundraiser or a donor, is here to help you make a positive impact you can trust.

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