A mother in Afghanistan need medical care

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By Mohammad reza
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My name is Mohammad and I have been a refugee in Indonesia since 2014, after fleeing from the Taliban. I have had many major issues in my life, but my mother’s health concerns me the most. My mother is urgently in need of your help.
My mother, Khorshid, lives in Kabul, Afghanistan in a rented house with my siblings and she has critical health issues which we have not been able to treat due to an insufficient amount of money. My father went missing in 2013, and none of my siblings are in any position to help my mother which makes us very helpless regarding my mother’s health.
My mother has a broken rib and her left arm is almost paralyzed from her shoulder to her fingers. In addition, her lungs are in bad shape. As a result, she is having difficulty breathing. The doctor advised that she should have surgery for her life-threatening condition, but we cannot afford it. In the meantime, she was prescribed medication which is costly. My siblings and I want to help my mother more than anything in the world, but we are helpless. Consequently, we look to you all for help.
  • $1400 (Canadian), will provide our mother with medication for one year.
  • $4000 (Canadian) will allow us to pay for our mother’s operation to fix her broken rib and her paralyzed arm.
  • A friend in Canada will collect the money you donate and send it to my siblings in Afghanistan.
Your donation will make a huge difference. Our mother is the heart of our small family. By offering some money for my mother’s treatment you not only help her have a normal life, but you also give us hope.Your donation is a most generous gesture. We will forever be in your debt.