A/O level Foundation schooling system

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By Zain Ahmed
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Open a School
Shaikh Zain Foundation goal is to ensure that every child gets quality education, having said that, the Before school opening, feasibility survey is carried out in remote/rural areas, which is to determine the most feasible location for the school.
Project reports are coordinated with the donors every month during the construction phase, while annual reports are shared with donors once the school is operational. The annual report includes picture and detail of all academic operations of the school.
School opening procedure
• Feasibility survey of the area is carried out to pinpoint the most prime location for school opening.
• The local community is mobilized through awareness campaign so that they could become part of the cause and also understand the importance of schools and play their role to make it a successful project.
• Primary schools are opened during the first phase through the assistance of the donors and are later upgraded as per the requirement.
• The initial enrollment of the class is 20-25 students on average. School commences under the “one teacher-one class” strategy, which upgrades as per the need.
• Schools are set up on a self-sustainability/reliance basis, where the underprivileged students are given discounts and orphan students are provided with free education with all educational needs.
• Initially, a building is rented to start school. The organization constructs its own building in the second phase after having donation of land from local community.
• Shaikh Zain Foundation organizes the teaching training programmes regularly; whereas, schools are monitored and supported through regional offices working under head office
The total amount required for School Opening is PKR 2,500,000
The amount covers the following expenses:
• Furniture for at least 200 students.
• Staff salary for (24 months).
• Building rent for (24 months).
• Utility bills (24 months).
• Teaching Aids.