Protect Christians in India from the RSS Putsch – All India Christian Party 2024

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By Venkateswara Nana Rao Chappidi
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Dear Friends and Companions in Faith,

Greetings in the name of our Lord!

We represent the All India Christian Party, united by a shared vision of fostering a more egalitarian society for all of India by establishing a Christian Egalitarian State. Our goal is clear: To challenge the current administration in the 2024 elections that now openly threatens the survival of Christianity. The rise of anti-christian affiliations within the RSS has emboldened their willingness to engage in violence to accomplish their goals, even leveraging their political and news-media resources in a manner that enables the rise of violent atrocities committed against Christians. This calls for an urgent need to establish our party with a clear political agenda that protects our freedoms, values, and right to safety in India.

The corruption of RSS and their affiliates have become more powerful, brazen, and open about utilizing violence to achieve their anti-christian goals. With your help, we can accrue the resources necessary to defend ourselves and execute our political agenda with a message of strength, truth, and protection that our constituency is ready to support.

Our message has significant resonance within the public today that, according to key demographic analytics, provides us with a window to legitimize our political platform. We have the means to not only garner support for political headway in 2023, but to ultimately win in 2024 and dethrone the tyrannical stranglehold of RSS conglomerate.

This ambition is a massive undertaking, and we cannot do it alone. We are turning to the worldwide Christian community, seeking solidarity and support from every corner of the globe to protect our faith, our freedom, and our existence as Christians in India. If you find resonance in our cause and feel moved to support us, your assistance would help empower Christians in India, many of whom are currently struggling to protect their rights, dignity and safety.

By making a donation here on, you’ll be able to see how your contributions directly support our campaign action plan at every step of the way. We can further ensure the trust of our community against our opposition via spending verification, allowing you to see your money goes with each new update.

On behalf of the All India Christian Party, we extend our sincere gratitude for considering our request. We pray that our shared faith strengthens our collective action and brings forth a more compassionate, inclusive future for all.


C.V.N. Rao | President

All India Christian Party