Building elderly people homes

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It is important to note that Africa as a continent has paid little or no attention in providing homes for the elderly people.

Our foundation over the years have consistently tried within our financial capacity to provide support and care assistant for the elderly people in west Africa through reaching out to this elderly people at their local homes and villages.

As years passed  it became more physically demanding to cover the spread of the various locality where they lived.

As a results of this obvious challenge further propel the foundation to commenced the building of home for the elderly which is a missing culture in Africa.

It is disheartened to see our elderly parents struggling in their old age with little or no care to sailed them through in their last face of life. It will amazed you that the slightly illness that affect them most time eventually lead to their death. I feel we have not done enough as a people and as a continent.

The dream of the foundation is that if we are able to build multiple homes for the elderly, it will become more easy and convenient  to reached out and accommodate many families who intend to use our support care homes  systems and facilities to provide care for their love once which we are passionate and professional about.

We want to see an African continent that work through restructuring her systems that provide maximum attention for the elderly.

We are calling on all African both at home and those in the diaspora, as well as the international community to commit attention through providing support where necessary to enabled us bring this project to reality.

It will will  interest you to know that the $2 , $5 dollars that means nothing to you at the moment if collectively put together will go a long way to foster this project to a reality.

Note the elderly home we are all struggling to build today is for you and I , surely we all most grow old one day which is a rear privilege life could offer, remember we are all building our future and must remain committed to the very last efforts to make it work.

This is my greatest achievement in life if this project come pass with all of you in diaspora and the international community support this selfless initiative which will changed the land scape and the future of Africa.