Campaign to promote prevention of air pollution

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Thailand, being an agricultural country like many, faced a big issue of air pollution from agricultural burning. This year air pollution is even worst that affects daily life of many. Many farmers resorted burning to clear their farms after harvest. We are trying to educate and persuade them to find alternatives instead of burning. They can gather such agricultural waste for a sale to biotechnology that can turn them into biofuel or adopt small machinery in each village and convert them into biocoal and resell them to replace the massive use of charcoal for famous Thai cusine known as Mookata or hot plate BBQ. This will also greatly reduce the use of charcoal as biocoal is better known to produce much less carbon dioxide. This is a good alternative as Mookata cannot avoid the use of charcoal for the favor and use of biocoal will reduce carbon dioxide pollution.

We intend to engage university students at each province to carry out the programs. The funding will be used to provide materials and expenses for the program. If successful, we hope to extend the program to other neighboring countries to make the region a better place to live in.