construction of house for bird in dominican republic

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The objective of this project is to build birdhouses in the Dominican Republic, providing a safe and sustainable home for local birds and contributing to the conservation of the environment. The construction of birdhouses is important to preserve local biodiversity and ecological balance in the Dominican Republic. Birds play an important role in plant pollination and pest control, so their preservation is essential for the health of the ecosystem. In addition, the construction of birdhouses using sustainable and recycled materials will promote environmental education and encourage sustainable practices in the community.

1. Build a minimum of 400 bird houses in different areas of the Dominican Republic.
2. Provide safe and sustainable homes for local birds.
3. Promote sustainable practices and recycling of materials in the construction of birdhouses.
4. Educate and raise awareness in the community about the importance of birds in the ecosystem and the need to care for the environment.