converting sadness to happiness by teaching and guiding them to a new salvation to the Lord Path.

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By Jorge Luis Flores Corea
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This tears eyes have seen enough of self-enrichment by using people’s money and asking for donations, but out of 100% they get, they give to the poor the 30% and they keep the 70% for themself. the world has gone badly, with cruelty, selfishness, and people donating to the wrong people. just because they are pastors of churches, but they don’t even go to the field and work with the poor humanity. A good Leader, a good Pastor, and a good guide dirty their hands as well. We as Leaders, need to be involved and dirty our hands in the field, with no options or questions asked. Simple, The Lord Jesus Christ came to serve not to be served. Mat 20:28, with my lil earned payment, I help hundreds of kids for Christmas and give everything out without expecting anything at all. Because the word says so, and I have to follow the word of God if I love him. Bless everyone, Lord.