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By Wamanafo DA JHS
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Most pupils who complete Wamanafo DA JHS that are unable to Continue their education to the SHS or TVeT as a result poor financial background end up in engaging in all sorts of illegal activities to survive which in turn has both short and long  term effect on the community and the nation at large.

The most alarming among this are engagement in elligal logging of Timber from the National Reserved Forest,  elligal small scale mining and gambling.

For this reason the school administration and the PTA met to initiate what is called ‘training the hand’ to help these pupils who are yet to complete their course in the school to also acquire handicraft (apprentiship) alongside the formal carriculum during special period(Co-carricular) within the week of the instructional time to learn handicraft.

Even though,  this may not be a permant job but the nature of the training will help prepare their mindset for apprentiship after school, acquire skill that can earn them income and these candidates to ease the financial burden which compels them to engage the aforementioned activities. Teenage pregnancy which is high among the young girls will curtail.

In order to chieve this initiative,  we have engaged five artisans who will train these pupils during that period. They are masters in beads making, hairdressing, Tailoring carpentary, book binders and shoe makers.

The cost involve in acquiring the materials for the training,  raising of workshop venue and payment of resource personals have become a hinderance to see this dream coming to a reality.

Your donation will go a long way to help this dream see the light of the day.

Your donation will indirectly safe the environment and help secure the future of these kids and prevent teenage pregnancy.

The fund will specifically be used to;

1. Put up a simple workshop traing center with all the neccessary reources

2. Acquisition of training materials

3. Paying of resource persons