Father needs to have MRI and urgent medication

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My father could not get up for almost a month now. We took him to the hospital here in our province but there was no concrete diagnosis as to what his illness is. However, we were only given a prescription to alleviate the pain that papa was feeling, but it was not getting better. The hospital advised us to get him an MRI to the big hospital at the city to find out what his illness really is, but we don’t have enough money. We just brought father back to the house and As time goes on, he gets weaker and weaker and starts to feel various pains in his body. We need to bring father to the specialist and have MRI as soon as possible before his health condition become worst. My father felt various pains and his body is deteriorating but he still wants to live. I’ve already lost my mother, I hope I don’t lose my father too soon either. I hope and pray that someone will have mercy and help us so that my father can get better. We appreciate any amount of help..

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