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By Titilayo56
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I am a high school graduate planning to study in the US as an international student. My family is barely average financially. I have been accepted into five US universities, but they are all institutions I cannot afford. I scored a 1320 on the SAT exam, and a 3.8 GPA in high school. I will be significantly impacted by attending to school in the US. I will be exposed to employment prospects and professional opportunities that will help me advance in my future medical career. In addition, I will contribute positively to the world and advance my family’s quality of life. I can accomplish these objectives if I receive adequate funding.

Although I have received several scholarships, they are not sufficient to cover my full studying costs.

My target fundraising is close to $30,000.00. Although loans are difficult to obtain for international students, it will be my fallback option for obtaining funds if I don’t meet my full fundraising target.

I want to become a highly successful doctor. I am currently in my first year at a six-year medicine college in my country. However, I believe that completing my medical education in the US will have the biggest impact on both my life and that of the nation. Also, I want to work on medical research projects to develop treatments for ailments and diseases like cancer that have a big influence on the globe.

Additionally, I am confident that I can overcome whatever challenges I have along the way to my degree.

I will interact with other students, instructors, and also receive help from them to tackle any challenges I experience, such as dealing with challenging classes, balancing my academic and financial life, and bringing out creative and meaningful ideas on campus.

I would greatly appreciate it if word of my campaign spreads so I can secure funds. Please You can also help me share this fundraising campaign so i can secure enough funds . THANKS TO EVERYONE