Gave Up Everything For A Dream (small business)

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By Summer
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Hi my name is summer. I’m an nyc native and the creator of Pardon The Press.

     I started this business during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the loss of income that I experienced. Since then, I have been working hard to get my business off the ground and to provide high-quality, affordable nail press-ons to my customers. I’m trying to expand my brand into a one stop supply store for small businesses and entrepreneurs for nail supplies.

    Unfortunately, I am currently facing some major challenges that are impacting my ability to continue operating my business. Specifically, I am facing eviction from my family home in just a few months. I currently have an apartment, but I am unable to afford the rent and I owe back rent. As a result, I will need to leave the premises in just 30 days. This is a very difficult situation for me, as I have put all of my time, energy, and resources into my business. If I am forced to move, it will be incredibly challenging for me to continue operating my business, as I will need to find a new place to live and set up my business from scratch.

Brand Problem/ limitation
Getting funding for my business had been extremely unsuccessful. Since I’m a newer business, I haven’t acquired enough revenue yet for loans and business credit cards. I have applied to every program you can think of, sba loans, bank loans, business grants, angle funding etc. I know in my heart that my business will be successful, I don’t doubt it one bit. I just need someone to believe in me like I believe in myself. That is why I am reaching out to you for help. I am hoping that you will consider making a donation to my business to help me get through this difficult time. Your support will enable me to buy inventory, pay my rent and avoid eviction, which will allow me to continue running my business and serving my customers. Some people never find their dreams or passions in life but fortunately for me, I did, it’s Pardon The Press. Every donation is greatly appreciated down to the last penny 🙂

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