Gaza Palestine 2024

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Hello dearest generous donors! Today marks 238 days of agony and grief. Suffering and struggling make life uneasy and uncomfortable. Sorrow and pain are drawn on our faces and white color is invading our hair. The unknown future of our families makes us all the time distracted and confused. We are getting older at an early age. Living in Gaza summarizes what hardship and sorrow mean.
Houses businesses and belongings have entirely been either burned or bombed. Facilities of life no longer exist. We no longer have anything to live on . Eight months of war left us displaced , homeless and bankrupt. All savings have gone with the incredible prices of food and water.. Privacy of life no longer exist; a small tent under the hot sunny weather is our house, no kitchen no bathroom, no health care and no sanitation facilities.
So a month ago I started my GFM campaign to evacuate my family of eight members from Gazs to safety and peace. I am not really familiar with such campaigns as I never used to ask for money , but the necessity of keeping my little kids safe is forcing me to find our way out of Gaza. Hence , I am asking you kind and generous donors , to help facilitate my campaign either through donating whatever you can or sharing my link to others for help. My campaign is making progress but slow.
Below some photos for the remains of what the war leave for us. Neither infra nor superstructure exist , the war tanks and planes have taken everything from us. People shown in the photos are trying to check what is left of their belongings. They are completely confused and pale. It’s incredible !!!!