Grace is worn; living an Elect of Grace.

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By Onyekachi Igwenagu
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My name is Igwenagu Onyekachi God’swill, I reside in abuja but originate from Enugu state. I am 20years of age, I study at the Federal university of technology at the school of engineering and engineering technology, studying chemical engineering. I am a 300lv student with a Cgpa of 3.5. I founded this brand @electofgrace.

ELECTOFGRACE is grace that is worn. She is a unique blend of high-end fashion and streetwear(both of which are popular amongst the Nigerian youth today) . She has moderation and sustainability as her pillars, creating luxurious designs that showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage while incorporating faith-based beliefs values and principles.

PROBLEM STATEMENT; In a bid to access the market that constitutes the major population in Nigeria, with a percentage of approximately 30%; 63 million Nigerians as her target audience. The Nigerian youth market presents a wealth of opportunities that I think you and I can harness. Bearing also in mind that success while

…at it would determine the education of the next generation into looking inward at crucial social problems and ensure that heritage is preserved while contributing to the nation’s GDP and meeting the SDG’s.

JUSTIFICATION; our designs involves incorporating traditional Nigerian fabrics and designs into modern, western style clothing.
A popular trend among Nigerian youth is streetwear fashion, characterized by casual comfortable clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies and sneakers .
Additionally, there is a growing trend towards sustainable fashion in Nigeria as more young people are becoming aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion. Employing the particular skillet of artist, artisans, photographers, graphic designers, models and salespeople providing jobs for students.

IMPLEMENTATION; I would like to acquire DIAKWUCLOTH and other locally produced sustainable fabrics. The funding would aid in the  design and marketing, leveraging on the social media network.

Statement piece; The Diakwucloth. Prioritizing reduce, reuse and recycle. Preserving cultural heritage.

The diakwu cloth is created and produced with zero waste in mind to positively impact tye natuaral world without losing aesthetics or quality. Production by local weavers using traditional use (zero carbon) creates jobs and maintains an age-old trade.

Not only does each fabric give new life to heaps of trash gathered from factory floors, but the partnership formed with like minded players along the value chain brings the industry one step closer to completing a fully circular product lifetime.

We’ve chosen the diakwu cloth to produces coutures that would excite the nation’s youth which is a very popular market incorporating popular trends like streetwear to spur their conscious involvement in sustainable fashion.