Help a friend and her daughter build a new life, away from domestic violence.

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By Amorsui
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Dear friends and supporters,
I am writing to you today with a heavy heart. My friend, whom I will call Sarah, has recently gone through a domestic violence situation with her partner. It was a nightmare that no one should have to experience, especially with a young daughter in tow. Sarah and her daughter have been forced to leave their home and are currently living in a shelter. This is not the life that anyone deserves.
As a friend, it is heartbreaking to see Sarah and her daughter go through this trauma. I know that with your help, we can make a difference in their lives. We are starting a crowdfunding campaign to help Sarah and her daughter escape this situation and secure a new life.
All funds raised will go towards securing a safe and secure housing for Sarah and her daughter, as well as providing education, educational tools, clothing, food, and other basic needs for her child. Our goal is to provide them with the resources they need to live a normal, healthy lifestyle.
We know that every little bit helps, and any donation you can make would be greatly appreciated. Let’s come together as a community to support Sarah and her daughter during this difficult time. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.