Help Malawian Homeless Queers

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By queerfolkassociation
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Hi friends, join me and make life easier for all malawian queer individuals that have been rendered homeless due to the cyclone freddy or those that haven’t been accepted by family nor the society. Anything you can give will go a long way for they’re too many people living in the street and barely feeding through the day. As you know,homosexuality is illegal in our country which is why it is unsafe¬† for our kind to be in the streets, some are being brutalized and raped in search of shelter when it’s dark or rainy. Many donations have been made to organizations all over Malawi but because of the level of homophobia amongst the leaders, LGBTIQ+ folks barely got any help. It would be amazing building a shelter specially for people in the homosexual community just to provide permanent accommodation not just for the queers in need now but also for the generations to come, provide mental health support and introduce activities or educational programs that could help them be more self aware about their sexualities and rights……any donation will help make an impact in these people’s lives so your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.