Help Maricky get back on his feet and realize his Sunflower Farming dream.

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By Maricky Mvulla
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My name is Maricky Mvulla, a safari planner, guide/driver from Dar es Salaam, l lost my safari job during the covid19 pandemic since then it has been impossible for me to continue or get another job. I decided to go to the village and start farming as my family depends on me. I have been working hard to make ends meet.  However, it’s been challenging to support my family. 

 I grew up in a farming family and I have a farming passion, so I started by growing maize corn  However the results were not as good as expected. After this bad result, I tried to grow sunflowers oil a few meters and the results were promising, this led me to a sunflowers oil farming project. 

In one year of my project, I have managed to buy 20 acres of the farm. My dream is to do sustainable farming that will be meaningful to me and my community and provide empowerment and employment. I have a dream of growing sunflowers to make pure sunflower table oil.

My objective is to do farming for 100 acres; I only have 20 acres of land where I want to grow sunflowers. Still, I wish to rent 80 more acres but I do not have the capital to rent another 80 acres,  buy sunflower seeds, manure, and Manpower for weeding and harvesting.

I have to get everything needed for farming by the end of August 2023 as the best time for preparations for the coming season. I can provide proof of how I will spend the funds.

I will use the funds as follows:

Renting a farm of 80 Acres 1,280$

Cultivating 3,000$

Hybrid seeds 2,600$

Seeding 1,300$

Weeding 2,600$

Manure 2,600$

Harvest 2,200$

2% fee 311.6$

The farm project means a lot to me and my community. I am reaching out to you for help in raising the necessary funds to make this happen. I would appreciate any support you could offer, whether it’s in the form of donations or spreading the word about my project. 

Any amount of support you could give towards my farming project would be greatly appreciated.

Together, we can make a difference and help me get back on my feet while creating job opportunities for others.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and considering supporting me in this endeavor. Let’s work together to make a positive impact in the world!