Help me set up this innovative farming solutions.

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By Vivian Njema
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Part of Africa and the world at large are plagued with seasonal droughts and famine that sees people lose their lives. These senseless deaths can be avoided if we adopted better farming practices that are eco friendly, don’t require chemicals and still produce nutrient dense food.

My solution to this is adoption of aeroponic towers. Aeroponic towers use about 90% less water than traditional farming methods. They can be used all year round without depleting the land of it’s valuable nutrients. This is especially useful for arid and semi arid areas during drought seasons when water is very scarce.

I’m fundraising to start such a farm. We have a one acre piece of land that¬† we plan to set up an aeroponic tower farm. With aeroponic farming, we can grow up to 200 different varieties of plants in a limited space and have high yeilds. The farm will serve as a demo farm as well to teach farmers how to incorporate innovative technology in their daily farming practices.We also plan on having the towers to sell to farmers who might be interested. The produce from the farm will be sold in local markets and groceries.

We’ll also use biological pest control such as ladybugs and marigolds. The plants will get their nutrients from water infused with organic liquid fertilizer.

The funds will be used to set up the farm and overhead as we scale the business. We’ll also set up a solar power system to provide energy for the pumping system and other power demands.

Contributors will always be welcome to visit the farm anytime they are in our vicinity. You’ll also receive a hearty meal prepared with produce from the farm.

Thank you for taking your time to go through my campaign and looking forward to your support.

Thank you.