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By CharlotteK
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We are drowning. We have a very nice family, 4 children, 1 grandchild and I’m failing them all. It Started around Christmas when my boyfriend met someone with a few hundred acres who was willing to let jeff build us a house on it. We could no longer afford our almost 3000 rent so we decided this was financially the best move. We had plans to start businesses up there and had viable businesses plans. It became his full time job and he was no longer bringing in money to help and we sunk. It would have been fine had it worked out but it didn’t. The Boston bar dream was done and we were being evicted from our home. It was right at this time, both our vehicles are written off due to accidents. Our van was insured well and we were expecting a settlement, but while we were waiting jeff took the van up to Boston bar to get his tools and materials he left that were being picked at by vultures. On his way home the van tire got stuck in the train tracks and, was hit by a train. We were still set to get paid out thankfully xcept now the van has completely disappeared from the tow yard and no van=no money. The car got into an accident 30 feet from the house, I did not have good insurance. Even though there was minimal damage and I lived 30 feet away, the firemen wouldn’t allow me to drive it home and instead sent it to the tow yard. I was not able to afford the fees so it still sits there. We were ok taking the bus across town every morning from school until the buses went on strike and I could no longer get them to school. The savings I had from not paying rent went towards a car. It had to be done. We were running out of time to move so I took my landlord to arbitration on a technicality to buy myself more time to save and find a place. Our hopeful June court date was suddenly changed to under a month. I’m just desperate to just get settled somewhere so I can get into a training program of some kind and start working towards something. No places we look at work out. We don’t even have a reference for our current place and that doesn’t help. 2 adults, 1 19 year old, a 10 year old, a 7 year old, a 1.5 year old and a 5 month old. Its alot. And there is always someone else that’s better suited. Trying to get together as much money as we can to move, my child tax benefits are suddenly severely garnished by $1000, because covid relief is over and they’re collecting a debt that I owe because my ex didn’t do his 2020 taxes. Awesome. Well down to our last $1200 I am fearful. Jeff has now devoted himself to panning for gold. He figures this is the best way for us to succeed. I’m just barely holding it together at this point. Then at the worst possible time our cat comes home with a giant swollen eye and we have to take him to the vet. $800 we can’t afford. In the meantime the court ruling could be any day and we could at any time be told to leave. I don’t know what were going to do if we can’t find something. We have no hope, no money, everyone is stressed out and fighting and our family is being ripped apart.