Help Nancy a special needs adult get her home back from a theif!

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Nancy has been special needs her whole life.
When her mother passed, she gave the home to her brother and her to have ownership of. Home was paid off, no mortgage.
Nancy has been in and out of institutions her whole life and her brother knew how vulnerable she was.

After a lengthy visit at the hospital for an “episode” . Her brother took her out for a donut and gave her $100 to sign deed over to him. He told her if she didn’t sign it over the state was going to take it because there was money owed on it. So she signed it no questions asked.

Nancy is not capable of financial or medical decisions. Anyone who meets her can tell immediately that she’s one of a kind.

Fast forward to now: he has been trying to evict her for about a year. Hostile elder abuse and daily mental abuse, harassment day in and out so she would leave. He and his friend took her to court 4 times and lost each time.

It was extremely hard to get legal aid to assist her but we finally did. They helped with the eviction part.We handed over all of the paperwork all of the documents basically a huge Messenger bag filled with binders and folders of all of the evidence and proof hospital records payments deeds tax records everything proving the coercion and fraud. Legal aid has helped her so fatr to stop the eviction. However they were going to move forward with trying to get the deed back. There were two lawyers that were involved in her case through legal aid and it has come to a standstill. They are waiting to hear back to see if someone will help them further with this case because that’s not some thing that they usually do. We have already contacted several lawyers who told us firmly that we have a great case but that in fact we would need to put five to $10,000 retainer to start it. And it most definitely will cost more than that in the end. Nancy is on Social Security  for income and has no savings so she obviously can’t afford that type of lawyer.

Her  brother has already said that she is welcome to buy his half of the house back so she can own the whole house according to his lawyer and Nancy’s legal aid lawyer . But he knows that she doesn’t make enough income and that she has never held a job in her entire life because of her special needs.

This also tells me that he has already admitted that half of the home really is hers.

The point of this go fund me is to raise funds for her to get some good legal help. Ppl need to stop exploiting these vulnerable people!! It’s going to keep happening until justice is done.
There are so many things that have gone wrong to this woman from us reporting to the police about the fraud/coercion, how she is an elderly woman being constantly harrassed and mentally tortured by the brother his family and got neighbors in on it. How he broke in her house while she was in hospital and stole all of her piles of mail. Tore apart her apartment walls ceiling electrical outlets, toilet etc and left it that way for 8 months. We were told it’s a family issue and that she would eventually loose it anyhow!! Can you believe that? Aparently nothing he did was against the law then right??

We also went the uppers in Worcester county trying to get help. …everyone that we contacted… nobody wanted to help her . We got legal aid  to help and they have been perfect however they can’t go any further even they know she has been done an injustice.

Myself and her son are now her legal guardian conservator and healthcare proxy by court. We’re putting an end to any more fraud on this poor lady.

If you would like to donate we would be ever so grateful. Words of encouragement, prayers, positive thoughts are ALL VERY WELCOMED. I hope this never happens to anyone else. It needs to stop!