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When you are surrounded by the sun's rays, you also shine from a cloud
Victor had a rough start in life. He suffered from almost all the problems that a premature baby can have.
Victor is surrounded by sun rays. By the people in his family. For Adina and Bogdan, his parents, Victor means everything they have, everything they know and everything they do. 
Besides his parents, Victor has grandparents, uncles and aunts, but also six cousins ​​who adore him and for whom he is the best friend to play and laugh with. They hold his hands to the beat of the music
, roll on the floor next to him, swing him in the hammock, put him next to them when they play football, when they play cards, give him rattle toys and laugh out loud like that, in six merry voices. Victor was not always so cheerful,
 he cried a lot when he was a baby. When he finally started to smile, it happened that one day his mother, Adina, called him "olive" and he smiled even more. So Victor is constantly flattered:
 the "olive" of the family, "Mommy's Bubu" or "daddy's champion".
The family has reached the end with treatment money, the treatment is for 2 years,
 the doctor says that there are chances that he will become a normal child, 
after a 1 year treatment or that he will see very big changes and by the end of the treatment he will be. a normal child.