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By Ashok Barsiwal
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My friend, Viraj Modi, 30 years old, met with a horrific train accident on 3rd March 2023. He was rescued by 2 kind gentlemen, while others looked on, and taken to Cooper Hospital. Doctors informed us that he had very low chances of survival. His oxygen levels were dangerously low and he had lost a lot of blood. We stabilized him and shifted him to Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle, Mumbai, where surgeons performed life-saving surgery on his brain and removed a part of his skull. He also had rib fractures, fluid in his lungs, and a leg fracture.


At 4 am, post-surgery, the doctor informed us that he had a very low chance of survival. We were asked to pray and have faith in God. We were mere spectators to this horrific nightmare that engulfed our gentle, shy and loving brother. Our family crumbled like a house of cards, not knowing how we would go on without him. Viraj has saved countless animals, always helped anyone in need, is soft spoken and a brilliant, well-educated boy. He is the heart and soul of our family and took care of everyone with much love and care.


Born to a modest Gujarati family, Viraj has 3 sisters. A master’s in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois, Viraj revived the family business single-handedly. Before he moved back to India, our factory was struggling to make ends meet. Even with a busy schedule, he found time to foster motherless kittens and helped many of them find good homes, and kept the ones who didn’t as his own.


By God’s grace, Viraj survived that night. His GCS score (a score to assess the consciousness of a patient) was declared to be 3, which is the lowest possible score to be called alive (the highest being 15). Over the next few days, when he was still critical, surgeons had to perform a second surgery on the brain to remove another part of his skull to allow the brain to expand on both sides and reduce its pressure and repaired his thigh bone fracture.


Today, after spending 2 months in an ICU at Nanavati; Viraj is undergoing rehabilitation at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. On 3rd March, the doctors had told us that he wouldn’t survive the night and we only had a few hours with him. When he did, we were told that he would most likely be comatose for life. Our brother, the fighter that he is, opened his eyes 2 weeks later. Then they said that he was so injured that he would always need ventilator support. His birthday was on the 18th April, we weren’t sure we would see him turn 31. God has given us this new lease of life, as of 12th June, defying all odds, he has been off the ventilator for more than 45 days and has a GCS score of 8!


Viraj has the will to live! He has been fighting the good fight and giving us the strength to keep fighting for him every day. He is going to need many more months of intense rehabilitation to recover fully. While Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital has a very good rehabilitation facility, he will require to travel to Switzerland for advanced treatment and world-renowned equipment to get him back up on his feet. He has severe brain damage, which requires modern treatment techniques, which are not yet available in India. We are also looking at an inevitable fourth surgery to replace the parts of the skull bone that were removed initially, before he travels.


As you can imagine, we have exhausted our medical insurance and savings in the past 3 months. We want to give Viraj the best possible treatment to enable him to recover fully. He is young and has a very high chance of complete recovery if everything goes according to plan. Please help us restore this kind, young boy.


Will you help our kind and gentle brother? His cats wait by the door hoping that he will walk in any minute. We miss our brother. It has been 3 long months since we heard his voice or felt his touch. Please help us save Viraj.





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