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Help a single mom

with kids to have a place to stay for a few days.


I am a local store manager trying to help an employee out with a place to stay until we get paid Thursday. She has kids and she already utilized the hotel voucher from the police. All shelters have waitlist. I did call the econo lodge and he is willing to do $69 a night for her rate. She is carrying around her clothes. This is a message from her.

Hey I hate to bother you with my problems and since I started working there you’ll gave me a hope of joy that I’m situation is going to get better, definitely you! You are the best manager anyone can ask for seriously so with no doubt whenever needed I’m more then happy to come in … but I was wondering is there anyway or any resources you can think of that can help me get a room for a few days.. I went to the police station last night because after work I didn’t have anywhere to go they came me the voucher for a room for that one night but I have to leave soon here, I have a few bucks I’m trying to get 40 50 more bucks to get a room for the night again so I don’t have to carry all these clothes around .. my kids will be coming back from Milwaukee later today and I don’t want to get them with nowhere to go … I called the Hope House this morning too it’s a waiting list I’ve been on it but he said hopefully by the end of this week early next week it’ll be a bed available for me I’m just trying to figure something out rn

if any one can donate anything to even get her to one more night that would help so much. The goal is to get to Thursday.

Thank you.