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By SioneTuiano
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The reason why I wanted to get help from everyone and anyone. I need to register for cooking and selling food on car park and streets, also from home. It’s cost $400 to register and after that I need to get my Kitchen certified, cost $600. I love to cook and do this full time.

My situations is, I can’t work right now due to disability. I have arthritis and gout, my joints are in pain almost everyday. I can’t stand on my foot for over 2 hours straight. But if I manage to stand that long, the pain will put me off work for the rest of the week. I am trying my best to get a better health so I can help my wife and family.

Right now I’m also trying to get my wife residency application done. She’s not entitled to any support from Winz or any government help, no income at all. We living on my benefit from MSD, also my cousin from Tonga staying with us. My cousin still going through chemo and we are taking care of her.

I started this cooking and selling from home to get extra money. I just can’t get the money as we have to use it to get by. That is why I’m seeking help to get my Kitchen certified and register so I can sell more food. I use my MSD payments to buy ingredients and meat so I can cook and sell it for extra money. I’m asking for $2000, to also get some equipment for cooking and to keep food in the right temperature. Like warmer and cooler also tables. The money will use towards all this.

So I am asking for everyone’s help. Hopefully one day you will come across my Kitchen and I will fix you a plate.