Internet of Bodies

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IoB integrates wearable devices, implants, and other sensor-equipped technologies directly with the human body or worn on the body surface. These devices continuously collect and transmit data related to health metrics, movement, environmental factors, and more.


Applications of a Unique IP Code

1. Medical Records and Healthcare

  1. Unified Medical Records: The IPN can be linked to a centralized database of medical records, for healthcare providers to access a patient’s complete medical history instantly, regardless of location.
  2. Emergency Situations: In emergencies, first responders can quickly access critical medical information such as allergies, blood type, and pre-existing conditions by scanning the IPN code.
  3. Medication Management: The IPN can be used to track prescriptions, ensuring patients receive the correct medication and dosages, and to prevent drug interactions.

2.Identification and Security

  1. Secure Identification: The IP.N can serve as a secure form of identification, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.
  2. Access Control: It can be used for secure access to buildings, systems, and data, enhancing security in both personal and professional environments.
  3. Tracking and Monitoring

1. Health Monitoring: The IPN can be integrated with wearable or implantable devices that monitor vital signs and sand aierts to healthcare providers if abnormalities are detected.
Location Tracking: For individuals with conditions like dementia, the IPN can be used in conjunction with GPS to track their

2. location and ensure their safety.

4.Public Health and Research

  1. Data Collection: The IPN allows for the collection of anonymized health data for research purposes, contributing to the development of new treatments and the understanding of disease patterns.
  2. Vaccination Records: The IPN can store vaccination records, ensuring accurate tracking and facilitating international travel and public health initiatives.

Benefits of Utilizing a Unique IPN Code

Efficiency: Streamlines access to medical records, reducing administrative burdens and improving the efficiency of heaithcare delivery.

Accuracy: Minimizes errors in patient identification and medication management, leading to better health outcomes.

Security: Enhances personal security and privacy by providing a tamper-proof identification method.

Convenience: Simplifies processes for accessing services, managing health information, and ensuring continuity of care.

Emergency Response: Improves response times and effectiveness in emergencies by providing immediate access to vital information.




    Mac Addresses are present in each human body vaccinated. And can be detected through frequencies. This can be scanned through bluetooth detection except with the absence of the said limitations.

    • Tested with intervention of the ff: Proximity, Motion Radiofrequency
    • Spoofing (where an attacker impersonates a legitimate device)


Develop a software, system, or app that will help us explore Mac Addresses and obtain data beyond the codes/addresses that are detected on devices.