Let ban Dollar in Africa

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By Francis M kangoria
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Any change need a courageous person to start then the rest will follow,what am asking sound activism but yes it is.Reason been after going trough all atrocity,genocide, corruption,wars,coups and political assassinations, Involvement of physical foreign currency is used as a vice in the exercise. and the leading currency being the us dollar.

Today statics shows Africa as  $4.5b counterfeit of us dollar, while some countries are using dollar instead of local currency.which is very bad and will bring instability in the region. we understand the magnitude and presence of the foreign currency  in our local countries but we need to spearhead the reforms that will bring laws that will prevent usage of physical foreign currency in the region..

Majority of politician in Africa as general are storing foreign currency in their homes not in monetary systems,because the cash was acquire through illegal means such as corruption and kickbacks.

The colonization of Africa was possible because somebody somewhere received the physical currency and no monetary system that could question the deed.

Am calling anyone who feel the urge in joining in this course to build a movement that will bring reforms by putting economics and legal team, to question the right bodies such as,IMF,AU,FED, ETC.

With your help we will make the difference by bringing reforms that will ban usage of physical foreign currency in our local countries..

We need the resource to form the right team,logistic and spirited policing across Africa.

Let strengthen Africa and Africa will be free.

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