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By Nadim Khan
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Dear Bikers,

I need support. I have been disabled from an unforgettable head on collision with a drunk driver who was driving on the wrong side of a dual carriageway overpass for almost two years now. I have been transformed from a guy who used to spend 7 days a week on a bike to a guy who spends 7 days a week indoors. My physical and mental health are badly off. I am still alive and arguably well but honestly, I need to get back on my bike coz honestly, if I continue living like this, I won’t last long. I believe that I haven’t been this weak since I was a baby. I’d rather die on a bike than die indoors man.

I used to inspire many. I used to fight for bikers and their rights everywhere. I was always a good ambassador for the community before and after the accident. I have fought internal and external forces for our community and the results are part of the reason why I still sleep well at night. I have sacrificed for many of you, some publicly, most privately. You know what you know. But now I am at a very dark place. I need to fix my leg, badly… desperately. I tried being a tough guy about it but you can’t walk on a metallic insert holding your leg together on just four screws forever. It’s backfired badly. Nowadays I am almost always in pain and doing anything possible to keep managing the pain and the situation.

Back in the days, I’d do an average of 45,000kms every year (4 years in a row) on a bike…I have done less than 100kms since I returned from my East African tour in January. I have tried to practice patience and restraint as advised to facilitate healing but the nature of my injuries and part of my treatment have forced me out for this long. I need to get back on a bike to replenish my physical and mental health urgently. It requires a somewhat complex and costly surgical operation (preferably abroad).

My leg needs to be broken afresh and fixed with bone graft from my pelvis to give me a chance to evade being disabled for the rest of my life. If all goes well, I won’t be disabled by next year. I am trying to raise Kshs.1.5 million to facilitate the surgery, travelling and staying away during the recovery and rehabilitation (initial physiotherapy) and any other incidental. I am willing to sell my multiple championship winning bike (Kawasaki Ninja which I had sworn never to sell) to offset part of those expenses.

I hereby appeal for your intervention. Please spread the word throughout the community and beyond. I feel like I have a lot left to offer this biker community and I can only do so much as a keyboard warrior. Help me get my life back in line through any kind donation via MPESA through my the following till number:

Name: Kennedy Koome & Company Advocates
Till Number: 5475287

You can also send directly to my number: 0725411307.

Prayers shall also be appreciated. Thank you.

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