Help Our Family After Tragedy – Fund a Modest Mobile Home For Us to Recover

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By Rashad & Bridgett Mcleod
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Hello, everyone. We’re Rashad and Bridgette McLeod, reaching out to you with heavy hearts and resilient spirits. Life has dealt us some challenging hands recently, but our hope is to turn adversity into strength, and we need your help to do so.

Just this month, we lost our guiding star, Bridgette’s mother. Before her passing, we lived together under her nurturing roof. But circumstances have since driven us apart, and we’ve been living separately since last November. This separation, a three-hour walk apart, is a stark contrast to the comfort of waking up to family.

The echoes of Bridgette’s mother’s laughter are now replaced with silence, a void that intensifies our heartache. It is a toll that weighs heavily on our spirits, pulling Bridgette to the brink of despair, exacerbating her battle with depression and making her contemplate the unthinkable.

As for me, Rashad, I work at Full Moon in Dothan, Alabama. I earn $10 an hour and get paid bi-weekly. It’s an honest living, but it’s not enough to bridge the gap that’s currently between us. It leaves me feeling helpless, knowing that the responsibility to provide a shared roof over our heads seems just beyond my grasp.

We are a team, Bridgette and I. We refuse to let this hardship defeat us. We don’t give up. Bridgette, the woman who means the world to me, has bravely taken on the medical care and treatments to manage her grief and depression. I couldn’t be prouder of her strength and resilience.

Without support to fall back on, we’ve found ourselves in a difficult spot. We even had to let go of our truck, a symbol of mobility and independence, as we couldn’t maintain it anymore.

As hard as it may be, we won’t give up. We’re willing to what it takes (even if it means looking for help right now) for our family. So, we turn to you—family, friends, strangers, and kind souls who understand life’s trials. We’re looking to raise enough funds to bring us back together under the same roof in a home that we can call our own. A place where we can heal, grow, and find our footing again together. A place where Bridgette can find solace and comfort after her painful loss.

Under the spending tab, you’ll see a humble yet happy home that your contributions will directly help to provide. Donations of any size are welcomed and directly help to fund a “Happy Camper” for a happy family, even in the aftermath of tragedy.

Help us make this possible by hitting the donation button and sharing our story by selecting the “share” button as well. We can’t emphasize how powerful your contribution is to our story. Your support would be a lifeline for us in these challenging times, a beacon guiding our family to reunite under the same roof we can call our own. Any contribution amount you can give helps us inch closer to our goal.

We believe in the power of community, in the goodness of people, and in the possibility of hope. With your help, we can turn our hardship into healing. Thank you for listening to our story and for any help you can provide. My mother-in-law needs a headstone also we are trying to raise up enough money also to get her a headstone so please find it in your hearts to see understanding in this cause we really love Mary Hall Thomas she left behind memories to live by.

With sincere gratitude,
Rashad and Bridgette McLeod

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