No into a yes

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By Zombiekiller69
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Recently I have noticed no is a very big word that everyone says no hesitation as for when I was growing up I always got told don’t do things touch things without asking but it seems to be asking don’t get you nowhere any more being polite gets you no where no matter your color or race  I asked for a glass of water cause I walked far from where I broked down and I got to no I asked politely I asked someone else for  a phone or to make a call for me cause my phone was dead and told me no I tried to get jobs in the past it was no cause I was over qualified every time it’s a no even places to live I make to much to live somewhere they tell me no so I’m starting this fundraiser for the word no to be yes sometimes as for not the whole world is the same everyone is different sometimes the nicest kindest people are the ones people are the meanest to and hardest I will be using these donations for given back in to our people out their and give them something to drink in these hot days that our out their shelter ext.