Out numbered ,America listin to me

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By Kyle baker
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I need help to get the supreme court of America to look at how my so called rights as an “American” have been violated to the fullest extent of the law I need to file a direct appel of my termination of my parental rights due to ineffective counsel I’m evective America in general and if it was me breaking the law I would be dead or in jail and I’m coming to the terms of a loss but to me will be better than trying to live in shadow of the law in my face because if it’s not justice for all liberty for only some u can count me out and we can finish what u started I’m ready I was put in prison on an unjustified sentence was resentenced and did the majority of my time in a room by my self dude to covid I’ve been flash banged and wared apon even while behind bars sitting what was soon to become an illegal sentence during this time my so called wife gave my kids to her family and left the state now I was released in June of 2021 and the next month I should have had .y sentence thrown out because of dubois vs north dakota my kids where took from my wife while I was locked up and started a thing with social servis witch came to the conclusion my rights shld be taken away because they where wrong and did not care o was a free man fighting for everything always out numbered always out mand the court was to busy trying to succeed in taking them they eventually terminated my rights and that is the justice system that I know take all from an innocent person let’s see how much he bends before he brakes ok America I’m broken because of u I are broken because u choose to be all I want is my family I don’t want money if anything I don’t think that I can get my rights back but at least my kids will know when they grow older than I was right  I tried and lost them to something that makes good people become hardend we get tattooed we get ruffer tougher and our friends are the same I don’t have no money and don’t wish for none ither I just need enough to get me started my voice needs to be hered dead or alive America I’ve already excepted the fact I’m out numbered out man and out of options no longer scares me their is nothing u can do that can hurt me now if we can’t get on the same page and u guys don’t here me this a tragedy and some people need to look into it cuz u guys will protect u but who is for us I was a free man put in a hole and forgotten about him now I have to refuse to ur laws because it’s not justice for all only of we got money I was wanted for probably not for us marshals FBI and every other cops military style felon please America our last chance at I need money for an atty to direct  ly appeal my termination of rights I have not seen them for 4 years she is the one that got into trublw with the kids not me I was wrongfully convictid and over charged poor person thatdont understand why do u think good people deserve this to anyone that really cares about America u have to help me I will give everyone that helps their money back because it no longer means nothing to me money can’t buy what I want it can just pay for the laws problem it started please I ask u again listin to me before I can’t breath and yes America no one wins with war everyone loses and I’m good on all that suffering y’all started