Rebuilding Financial Freedom: Help Me Repay a Crucial Debt

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Hello there.

I come to you naked and vulnerable. I want to plead for help to pay off my debt. I had to get a loan from loan sharks in a period of desperation and need, but the huge interest rate and unfortunate circumstances have left me unable to pay back. This has deeply affected me mentally. And it’s my first time having suicidal thoughts and drowning in depression.


I want the peace of mind I had before, and I desperately ask for help to make this happen. Any help is appreciated. Nothing is too small.


As a thank you to donators. You’ll find below a poem I wrote.



Even a blind could see the old woman limping in her daily rotations
Her bloodshot eyes are irritated from all the smoke and expensive cologne variations
She is suffocating in her own house, breathing like a homeless and dying asthmatic

Clever fools, we are. Cutting down her evergreen trees with our vicious chainsaws
To make oak cabinets and fancy tables for distrait and finicky in-laws

Cunning fools, we are. Killing her forest with old rifles and snap traps
And displacing thousands of bats that feeds on insects which plagues our crops

With our back too weak to touch her feet and plant more trees,
We lift huge piles of waste and hurl them at her oceans and seas
Lovable fools, we are.
Blind to the distress of mother
And deaf to her cries of pain and her wailing mutters

She’s hurting but we don’t give a shit that isn’t thrown in her fast rivers
Like a snail that initially relaxes and unwinds in its shell
after it is placed in cold water that’s slowly brought to a boil
We sit comfortably in our shells, ignorant of our burning environment.


Intelligent fools, we are. We seem to have forgotten our Mother’s wrath
Her cries are floods we cannot confront and her sighs are droughts we cannot evade
But even her fierce wrath is filled with love and new beginnings

Blessed creations, we are. We have the heart to sympathize and empathize with her
And care for her wounds the same way she cares for our needs