Rebuilding Life

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I am beaten and broken!

The start of 2020 my Bride and I began construction of our home here in Port Charlotte Florida not knowing much about the impeding COVID pandemic, the economic toll it was about to take on us and the nation and the onset of catastrophic events that were to come.

As many are aware supplies were short and prices soared. Both budget and time was being eroded. Seeing extended hotel stays in the future we remedied the expense with the Addition of a camper on the property. Within a few months we found the town prohibited this and was forced off the property.

After the four of us battled through COVID we pushed forward untile an accident that almost took Tracy’s life, suffering 3 TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injury), 3 mini strokes, broken scapula, pelvic,10 ribs in multiple locations, and internal bleeding.

Again we picked up ourselves by the boot straps and pushed forward, and making headway until hurricane Ian hit us straight on knocking over walls, destroying trusses and plywood for roof. Adding insult were looters stealing tools, equipment and materials. The setback was tens of thousands.

We didn’t have the home or materials insured do to construction, FEMA and SBA turned us away because the home was not preexisting. But we come too far to turn back now.

Credit hit, budget hit, and future home hit we became determined to not allow this situation to steal our dreams, we picked ourselves up again and pushed.

Finally making headway walls being rebuilt and repaired and moving forward we were now faced with the nightmare of loosing my Bride and the boys well loved mum.

Tracy, at 51 years old was taken in for an open heart surgery, that set off a chain of surgeries due to complications that arrose from an allergic reaction to a blood thinner and a doctor’s mistake of leaving a balloon in her leg that cut blood supply eventually resulting amputation and ultimately her passing.

My pride has always been that I provide and protect my wife and kids that God has given me and blessed me with. For the first time I feel that I have fallen short of that goal.

So now I am faced with two options walk away or push on. I’m broken and weak and lost in overwhelming emotion.

My boys have pushed me to place my pride aside and write upon these pages. For them I must push on more for them and their future but I cannot see how without a little boost up. I’m not asking for someone to do it for me just a hand up back to my feet.

I believe that I can complete the home with about 50,000 less a little to help for funeral. I got caught with my pants down sinking everything into this home, leaving me exposed to this moment.

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