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By Daniel Jefrianus Mooy
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A Cry for Help

Please Help Me and Reach Me





I would like to first thank you very much for your willingness to read this sharing from me and I do hope that you would like to take a few minutes of your time to read this entire message from the beginning to end.


My name is Daniel Jefrianus Mooy. I was born in Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia, on March 21, 1989. I have a wife and baby son. They live with my mother and my other siblings at their house in Kupang. I am always called by the nickname Daniel or Jefri by most people here. I now live and work as a teacher at a high school in a somewhat remote area, Lurasik, a sub-district in the North Central Timor district, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The school where I work is SEKOLAH MENENGAH ATAS NEGERI LURASIK (LURASIK STATE HIGH SCHOOL). Here I would like to share with you some things about me and why I have posted this and shared with you there.




I am a man with a number of fatal weaknessess. I easyly trust people innocently and quickly feel compassion for others, including in terms of caring for someone’s financial difficulties,even for those who are actually hostile towards me at heart. This later brought disaster into my life. Three years ago I was appointed by the headmaster of the school where I work to carry out a fairly heavy additional task, namely being a treasurer for the school’s operational assistance funds.


At first, I insisted on refusing the assignment because I knew that I had many shortcomings and weaknesses that could harm me and many people in the future, but my boss and several other senior teachers insisted that I was the only one in the school who met these qualifications due to several important considerations and this additional task was considered quite heavy to carry out in an area where the school is far from the center of the capital city. In the end, I could only surrender and sincerely accept this responsibility and regard it as a service position.


I faced many tough challenges where I had to face a dilemma between choosing to exercise humanitarian considerations or the principles of doing the right job to apply. I apply more humanitarian considerations in most actions related to school financial management. An example was that I often gave down payment for the salaries of fellow teachers who were not state civil servants and even dared to lend money to many colleagues at school who has come and complained with urgent financial complaints. I have always been responsive and determined to provide assistance by lending money that I saved and I should not have given to my friends, no matter how tough the situation was for those who came with various complaints. This act, of course, greatly violated my duties and obligations in which I was determined to sacrifice obedience to the school’s financial management guidelines in order to satisfy the personal interests of many colleagues at school.


With the knowledge of my boss, I often spent a lot of goods and services that were actually impromptu and not listed in the budget plan list. I made these various expenses in the hope of bringing satisfaction in carrying out service tasks in the procurement of goods and services at the request of various colleagues and my own superiors.


It often happenned where I had to be responsible with the cash that had went out for the purchase of goods and services that were not listed in the budget plan list using personal money from my salary and personal savings. I often underestimated the expenses and losses that I considered to be small even though all my colleagues were actually quite stingy to be willing to sacrifice some of their personal finances. This kind of thing had gone on for about two years until calamity came upon me.


At the beginning of December 2021, the headmaster of school or my supervisor passed away, he left leaving behind several tasks that I had to complete alone with limitations as an ordinary staff and not as an official policy maker at the school. He also had several personal debts which when he was still alive he often asked me to provide loan assistance from school finances for his personal interests. I had always complied by considering it as an honor to serve my leader even though it was actually very risky for me and even all the expenses I had made for the personal interests of my colleagues and superiors were carried out without me preparing various proofs of transactions or some kind of written receipt as evidence when needed. I did that because I always innocently thought that nothing bad about finances would happen to me in the future, whether intentional or not.


When it was near the end of December 2021, I realized and found that the cash I had saved for teacher salaries and other goods and services was lacking and I was forced to complete it myself. Some of my friends who had borrowed money from me a long time before were still unable to return it and some of them even deliberately didn’t care about the huge burden I had to bear. The amount of money I have to replace or return was quite large. In order to overcome the need to pay the teacher’s salary shortage, I compromised with friends who owed me so that I, using my personal name, could borrow money from several local moneylenders where the interest on the loan was very high at thirty percent per month. I and some of my friends who were in debt have agreed to borrow from moneylenders in order to settle the arrears in payment of other teachers’ salaries so as not to cause new problems at school. Initially we were optimistic that these debts would be repaid within the next month. As time went on, my friends deliberately avoided being burdened and left me alone to pay off these debts. I also couldn’t do much because of my weakness which really didn’t like to act harshly and firmly against my friends. In short, I was really careless and did not expect the great financial woes that had befallen me. I was betrayed by most of my friends whom I always helped and even my brothers and sisters have left me alone in distress.




All of these bad things brought huge losses which in total amounted to hundreds of millions of rupiah in Indonesian currency or around twenty thousand US dollars and were accumulated losses for almost two years since I accepted my assignment as treasurer of operational assistance funds. school. My family also became victims. My wife and child have difficulty buying food and milk for my infant son and they live with my mother and younger siblings in the provincial capital far from where I live where I work.


I have been experiencing mental suffering and have been under very heavy pressure since the last two years because of so many debt pressures and demands to pay off debts that I have to pay off by myself. None of my friends who used to be for their sake I was always ready to sacrifice whenever they needed dared to come and help me. I even received information that they mocked me secretly and even made my story as a mockery to be discussed so that I became ridiculed everywhere. I had to endure prolonged shame and was constantly blamed by my family and even no one of them but my mother and my wife dared to help me but they both had nothing at all.


My situation has been getting worse up to to this day when I post this story of mine because of the heavy burden that I bear. Like someone digging a hole and closing another hole, so am I now, borrowing from one to cover a previous loan that had to be repaid, even the interest on the loan never stops and continues to piles up more and more until it is now bringing down my economic situation. I also realized that all these bad things happened because of my own mistakes and carelessness so I don’t want to blame anyone for what happened to me. I really need help and support from anyone, even strangers that I don’t know personally.


I am currently in a very anxious state because some of the parties who owe me will come soon and report me and even humiliate me in public in the near future, it could be tomorrow or the next day. I am in a state of resignation, helpless and hopeless at this moment and like a food animal that has been paralyzed by a predator to eat.




Right now I can only surrender and ask for your help and other people out there. Even people I don’t know to be merciful to help me, even if they are only willing to send me a dollar or two, that actually would be very valuable to help ease the heavy burden that I have been bearing.


I sincerely ask for your help and compassion for me and I have no intention of deceiving you there with my current state. If you intend to provide financial assistance to me and then want me to return the money that you gave me as a loan then I would like to request you to give me approximately one and a half or two years and then I will return it to you accompanied by interest on the loan from me as my thanks for your help and trust.


You can also help send or transfer any portion of the loan based on your own willingness.


If you are willing, then you may contact me through the following:


Email :


Facebook :



Whatsapp : +6282146525704


Here I include my paypal account address if you are willing to help me at this time.