Self-published book: Practical x86/x86_64 assembly programming

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By Alexey Lyashko
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As an author, I don’t want to produce another mundane textbook on Assembly Language. I was inspired by a community-released book on artificial neural networks, which shed light on the issue that many existing works on such subjects can be painfully scientific and dry. I’m attempting to bring more liveliness to my book and present the material in a way that doesn’t make the readers’ eyes glaze over in boredom. I must admit, in my previous works, I didn’t quite hit the mark.

In this book, I aim to provide readers not only with practical information on Assembly Language but also background knowledge on the subject’s history and development. My intention is to give readers a better understanding of the why’s, what’s, and how’s of this complex subject. I know some of this may not be directly related, but I believe it can still be fascinating, and useful, insights that can help readers engage with and appreciate the subject more fully.