trying to keep the homeless number down

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By Deanne jewell
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we at our household of two people 56 and older and 1 42-year-old and due to old roommates who moved in on trust didn’t pay the rent or the deposit and got us behind in our rent and now we are facing eviction please please help us avoid eviction I personally am elderly and have a hard time  breathing and have to rely upon my nebulizer breathing machine I do work full time but in a controled  atmosphere so I don’t need as much  at work as I would  if I was homeless I couldn’t use it cuz Id have no electricity the other elderly tenant just recently lost their job and the other tenant works as well and none of us have been arrested we have no bad backgrounds just been struggling to stay afloat and really need this boost to get us stable again please please help God bless all who need help and we should always pay it forward