Women Entrepreneurs Empowerment

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Company Name: Kpk Quick Bites.

Registration number: 2020/431159/07

We work with a group of ambitious women from different backgrounds, ethnicities and ages(18-56) in and around Benoni.

These women have sustainable business ideas, products and services they possess which can greatly benefit the community and create employment. Some of the services and products include, child welfare services, social services, tutoring services, hand made art and craft, technology innovation and farming to name a few.

We as Kpk Quick Bites have managed to secure a rental property for the purpose of providing a working space for our woman entrepreneurs.

We are fundraising to purchase the necessary tools, equipment and machinery. The list of resources needed are as follows:

4 desktop computers and 1 laptop computer.

2 normal printers and 1 3d printer.

5 Sewing machines

1 Mini tiller rotary cultivated

1 Walking tractor

The above mentioned property and listed equipment is for the sole purpose of empowering these women entrepreneurs to start-up and sustain the co-operative initiative at hand.

We as Kpk Quick Bites hope you will join us in establishing a community of successful women entrepreneurs.

Kind Regards

Kgabiso Kwago

Director at Kpk Quick Bites.


+27 61 062 0735





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