How to Withdraw Funds

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Access Your Campaign Funds

At, we make it easy for you to access the funds you've raised for your cause. Follow the simple steps below to withdraw funds from your campaign:

Step 1) Open "My Account"

While signed in to your Crowdfund account, select "My Account" from the menu in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2) Select "Withdraw Funds"

From the "Account" dropdown menu, select the "Withdraw Funds" option.

Step 3) Select Your Campaign

Find the campaign from which you'd like to withdraw funds and select the "Withdraw" button on its right-hand side.

Step 4) Withdraw

Select the "Withdraw" button to open the withdraw request window. Then, fill in your and fill your requested amount followed by your Zelle or Third Party Payment info.


Zelle is in over one thousand banking apps. To find out if Zelle is in yours, search the list:

Third Party

You may request to receive funds with a method other than Zelle, including but not limited to ACH/Wire Transfer, PayPal, M-Pesa, Venmo, TWINT, and more. To do so, contact us to make a request for your preferred payment method.

All terms and conditions apply.

Double Check: Please ensure that your account information is accurate up to date and accurate to avoid any delays in receiving your funds.

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