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Crowdfund is the official fundraising platform for verified crowdfunding,
the most trusted and reliable way to raise money online.

Our Mission

Trust and transparency form the foundation of our fundraising platform. Our mission is to empower individuals, groups, and organizations to raise money for their cause or project with donor trust. By welcoming transparency, we create the most inclusive, safe, and reliable way to raise money.

Verified Crowdfunding

Is your fundraiser Crowdfund Verified? With Crowdfund, fundraisers can gain more trust and more donations by getting their campaign verified. Fundraisers can verify their spending by submitting receipts and other proofs of purchase to demonstrate the legitimacy of their campaign. When submissions are reviewed, Crowdfund Verification helps to confirm that funds are spent as intended. Verified campaigns are marked with a "Verified" badge. Crowdfund Verification empowers fundraisers with a convenient way to remain accountable for their spending, creating more trust and more donations as a result.

Trust Brings Success.

Join us on our mission to make fundraising trustworthy and accountable. Whether you're a fundraiser or a donor, Crowdfund.org is here to help you make a positive impact you can trust.

Need Help? We're Here.

If you encounter any issues or have questions that aren't covered here, feel free to reach out us by contacting us here or find the answer to your questions at our Help Center below.