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Dear Crowdfunding Supporters,

I trust this message finds you well. I am reaching out to share the impactful work of UNCOVER AFRICA, an initiative addressing a pressing issue faced by numerous African youth: the scarcity of essential skills crucial for employment and entrepreneurship.

With a population of 1.4 billion, Africa stands at a demographic crossroads. Approximately 60% of this population comprises young individuals aged 18 to 35, and by 2030, young Africans will represent a staggering 42% of the global youth population. However, if current trends persist, an alarming 130 million young Africans will face unemployment by the end of this decade.

Enter UNCOVER AFRICA, a transformative initiative designed to address this pressing challenge. Our comprehensive program consists of six exceptional classes meticulously crafted to discover and nurture the talents of African youth and small and medium enterprises. Our mission is to unveil their potential and guide them in transforming latent abilities into thriving businesses through the following transformative classes:

  1. Self and Enterprise Discovery Class: Unleash the power within by exploring personal strengths and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  2. Product Design and Product Development Class: Equip participants with the skills to conceptualize, design, and develop innovative products.
  3. Route to Market, Sales, and Marketing Class: Navigate the complexities of the market landscape with insights into effective sales and marketing strategies.
  4. Problem-Solving Methods: Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills to tackle challenges head-on.
  5. Financial Literacy (Saving, Investing, and Trading): Empower the youth with financial acumen, teaching them the art of saving, investing, and trading.
  6. VALUE Exchange: Transform values into actionable results, fostering a mindset of creating and delivering value consistently.

These classes are not just educational; they are a revolution in mindset, instilling the knowledge and skills necessary for the youth to generate value in every aspect of their lives. By supporting UNCOVER AFRICA, you are investing in a brighter future for young Africans, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to the global community. Join us in reshaping destinies and unlocking the untapped potential of a continent on the rise. Together, let’s make a difference.

In many regions, young Africans encounter significant hurdles when seeking job opportunities or navigating the complexities of managing a small business. This glaring skills gap not only limits personal growth but also perpetuates cycles of poverty and insecurity within communities.

Our mission with UNCOVER AFRICA is to break this cycle by providing comprehensive training programs that empower young individuals with the skills needed to excel in the job market or effectively manage a small business. However, a considerable obstacle lies in the financial barriers that many of these aspiring entrepreneurs and job seekers face.

This is where your support becomes invaluable. The funds raised through our crowdfunding campaign will play a pivotal role in subsidizing the training costs for these young individuals. The contributions will be allocated towards critical needs, including training materials, venue rentals, and facilitator fees. Our aim is to make this training as accessible as possible, effectively making it almost free for participants.

Consider the profound impact of your contribution: by subsidizing the training costs, you are directly empowering young Africans to break free from the shackles of unemployment and limited entrepreneurial opportunities. Your support becomes a catalyst for change, enabling these individuals to acquire the skills necessary to not only find employment but also to effectively manage small businesses, fostering economic growth in their communities.

Every donation, regardless of size, becomes a beacon of hope in the lives of those seeking to escape the cycle of poverty and insecurity. It is an investment in their future, one that ripples through families and communities.

To contribute and be a part of this transformative journey, please visit our crowdfunding page at [insert link]: https://crowdfund.org/c/uncover/. Your support will make a tangible difference in the lives of those striving to break free from the cycle of limited opportunities.

The following cities will be organizing the UNCOVER AFRICA project: Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cairo, Accra, Addis Ababa, Dakar, Casablanca, Abidjan, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Kinshasa, Luanda, Kigali, Maputo, Tunis, Algiers, Bamako, Harare, and Lusaka.

Lastly, I will update donors on future seminars and students with pictures and everything worthy of updating donors regarding the UNCOVER AFRICA PROJECT.

Thank you for considering our cause. Together, let’s UNCOVER AFRICA and empower a generation to thrive.

Warm regards,